Unhindered space flow is a stream of positive energy in construction.

Raúl Gómez Torres

Our work

Residential Home Projects

Regardless of style, the creation of comfortable spaces within welcoming surroundings is a top priority in our designs and construction of residential homes.  This is achieved by the careful placement of spaces, as well as the unhindered flow resulting from proper orientation.  The most auspicious sunshine is constantly pursued for the attainment of optimal illumination and  ventilation, and a dynamic motion is generated in the design of the home, which added to the elements of esthetics and the use of thermally insulated materials, lead to personalized designs of functional residential homes.

Commercial Projects

The nature of the business, for which a project is intended, is essential in the creation of the design of any given commercial project. Giving it the appropriate character will have a favorable impact on sales and on its general success.  These are some of the aspects that we take into consideration in the creation of a new project, along with aesthetics, projection, and functionability.